TwitterStats — Weekly report #1

Inevitable we got here, after first week.

Total users of TwitterStats in Week #1

Happy 1 week birthday ! Yey🎉 🎂🎉

It’s been a crazy week, I’ve launched on 8th of June 2021 around 11 AM CET and distributed the TwitterStats public beta launch all over the communities I’m part of — ProductHunt, IndieHackers, Reddit/subreddits, Twitter, etc.

And this is how TwitterStats was launched

My expectations were to get at least 10 users onboard on the first day — but something else happend!

Early users of TwitterStats on week #1

First day was the highest users peek so far with a stunning 67 uniques users. Atherwords the number of users gain stabilized, averaging 20 users/day.

Users aquisition

By far the most of the early users came from ProductHunt (direct link in description), then Reddit, Twitter and IndieHackers community.

Users engagements with TwitterStats

The users support was amazing, I’ve got a lot of questions and feedback for which I’m very grateful. It’s a confirmation that TwitterStats is on the right track. More items were added to the roadmap.

TwitterStats users are from all over the world

At this moment most of TwitterStats users are English speakers, but for the future I’ve added multilanguage support to the TwitterStats backlog.

Public Roadmap

I’ve also created a Trello board for the roadmap

Added recently
✅ Tweet hours vs. engagements chart
✅ Most recent 10 mentions
✅ Top 10 hashtags

On the roadmap
🗹 Top followers analysis
🗹 Followers track
🗹 Likes analysis
🗹 Enhance analytics reports by adding more KPIs
🗹 Create a limited free plan
+ more from the users feedback

Numbers of Week #1

Total visits: 272 visits
Total new users: 145 users
Total interractions: 1119 events

Total revenue: $0 (trial version for 14 days)


It’s been a smooth and great start so far for TwitterStats. I was just amazed by the interest of the communities and the fact that TwitterStats solves a real problem.

I will continue to add new features, enhance TwitterStats analytics and enjoy the ride :)

Join me on this ride! I would love to hear feedback form you.

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Until next time, have a great day! 😊