Second week report for comes with lower numbers than previous week report. Here is why.

Total users of TwitterStats in Week #2

This week the numbers of existing users & new users dropped with almost 36%, but overall TwitterStats continues to grow the users base at an organic slow pace.

Based on feedbacks and discussing with other indie hackers, I understood that the reasons for a slow growth are marketing — at this moment I don’t have a budget for this, but I’m doing my best to get organic traffic and users really interested — and then the features comparison between TwitterStats and other solutions like, Twitter analytics and the newly launched Typefully.

As I’m a solo developer for TwitterStats it’s not always obvious when you make mistakes, I’ve tried to get at least same functionality as Twitter analytics and the extra metrics that could provide more meaningful insights for a Twitter account, for example the tweet hours engagements chart — a new feature that allows you to consider when is the best time of the day to post your tweets.

New feature — Tweet hours engagement chart

As seen in Google Analytics chart below, the TwitterStats daily user engagements on this second week looks to be stable at around 10 users / day, dropping from 20 users / day as seen in the report week #1.

Daily users engagements on week #2

The main traffic source continues to be Twitter as I’m getting more and more active and engage with friends, fellow indie hackers and followers — in a natural way, without spaming people.

Users aquisition

I did had a very interesting feedback from Trevor Longino ( on for, as he offered to provide feedback about new startups.

From Trevor’s feedback I understood what it was not obvious to me as a solo developer.

Here’s the first 3 directions:

1. A clear difference between TwitterStats and Twitter analytics
2. A more meaningful landing page, benefits of TwitterStats vs Twitter analytics
3. is intended for both, companies and users, I have to make this clear for both of them. How brands can benefit of the product, how users can benefit of the product.

TwitterStats users location

The users location map shows a slight increase of the user numbers, maybe is better to have quality over quantity ?!

Public roadmap

At this moment I’m going to take few days from building to reconsider what TwitterStats roadmap will look like, taking into account the real added value TwitterStats has to offer for both companies and users.

Numbers of Week #2

Total visits: 343 visits
Total new users: 67 users
Total interractions: 1.5k events

Total revenue: $0 — I have decided to not charge for usage of TwitterStats while the product is still in public beta.


It’s been a rought week, I did expect the numbers to drop from the previous week report, but I don’t consider this a fail — I consider this experience a new lesson — as I’ve got very good feedbacks and great advices this past week.

I need to take some time away from building and reconsider the direction of the TwitterStats journey.

Join me on this ride! I would love to hear feedback form you.

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Until next time, have a great day! 😊